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THE LORD IS IN NEED OF IT Jesus Christ was quoted in Mark 11:3 saying "And if anyone ask you, why are you doing this? Say 'the Lord is in need of it.........." Your lifetime, zeal, time, heart and strength, the Lord is in of it. Have you given them to him? Are you running after possessing world treasures that will perish one day rather than giving all you are endowed with by your creator to He that you. Have you once considered rendering your life to Christ and work in His vineyard with your strength, zeal and enthusiasm? Don't you know He His in need of it? If you don't give God the necessary attention He will never pay attention to you. Give all glory to God, he is in need of it. Give adoration to Him, If is in need of Him. Believe me or not, if you give Him what if requires, if will not grant your heart desires too.
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